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RedBot 1.3.6 (dla Tibii 10.38)

Dodano: styczen 27, 2013 przez admin
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I znowu bot, który w niedługim czasie zstał się jednym z najczęściej używanych pomocy do Tibi. Czytając wiele opinni i komentarzy nie mamy wątpliwości - RedBot jest całkowicie niewykrywalny.

  • Alarms: Check if you have a player on your screen, if someone is attacking you, if your HP/MP/Cap/Others are low, everything with 2 clicks!
  • Advanced Healer: Use Spells, Potions, Runes based in your character Health or Mana, exactly or percentage values.
  • Tools: Auto-Spells, Hunt Tools, Anti-Idle, Auto-Fishing, Sio Friend, others.
  • Cavebot: Hunt wherever you want to, buy/sell items from NPC's, deposit items in your depot and more, 100% afk!
  • Targeting: Use a specific attack mode, what spells you want to use in that monster, hunt running from them or reaching them!
  • Looting: Pickup only the loots that you want to, to the specified backpack, automatic items ID's!
  • Advanced Trainer: You can choose to train with Slimes, Monks, Players or any other monster with a few clicks!
  • HUD: Check the basic informations of your hunt and your character directly in your screen!


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